Halloween Ideas Costumes Etc


Got Milk?: Wear a sign that says "Got Milk?". Paint a milk mustache over your lip with make-up or other non-toxic white substance.
Submitted by johncar

Peter Pan (great idea for husband who doesn't want to wear a costume): Attach a pan to the front of his belt. Everyone will ask, "What are you???"
Submitted by Joe and Dianne

Peter Pan (variation): Take a foil pie pan, attach a string to it and hang it around your neck. Tie a hotdog onto the string so it hangs inside the pan.
Submitted by David Sutkus

Black-Eyed Pea: Take a fabric pen and draw or pin a giant "P" on a shirt. Put black makeup around one eye and you've become a "Black Eyed P."
Submitted by GillsCreek and also by Kelly Ann DeMauro

White Trash: White sweatpants/sweatshirt with trash (i.e., milk cartons, paper, candy wrappers) stuck to clothes and hair. Or step into a white trash bag overflowing with trash.
Submitted by FlyersHawk (similar idea submitted by Djw1175)

NEW>> Green with Envy: Dress in green sweatpants and shirt. Cut out the letters "N" and "V" and sew them to your chest.
Submitted by Tina G.

A Baby: Old t-shirt and a Depends diaper.
Submitted by PhycoChick2000

Hose Bag: Climb into a green/black garbage bag and wrap a garden hose around yourself.
Submitted by Christine Grover

NEW>> Poetry In Motion: Wear light colored sweats and write famous poetry phrases all over them.
Submitted by Jules

Bellybutton Lint: Take any pair of sweatpants and sweatshirt that are white on the inside. Wear the sweatpants and sweatshirt inside out. Pin a sign on yourself that says "Bellybutton Lint." For extra points, wear a black knit stocking hat with cotton balls glued to it.

Freudian Slip: Wear a slip, preferably black, with a sign around your neck that says "Freud."
Submitted by JJfhyman

Freudian Slip (variation): Girl - Wear a slip and attach notes from Freud (i.e., Ego, Id, Oral Fixation, etc.). Guy - Wear a bunch of slips of paper...or for the more daring, join the girls and wear a slip.
Submitted by Deidre Pate

E-mail: Dress as a man (this is better for women). Tape an "E" on chest. "E"-male.
Submitted by Cindy Thompson

Identity Crisis: Wear a sweatsuit or other uniformly-colored clothing, and put "Hello my name is..." tags with random names all over your body.
Submitted by Rebecca Fendell

Leftover: Wrap yourself all over with foil. Stick a label on yourself that says "leftover dinner." For added effect put a clear bag around yourself and label it "Ziploc."
Submitted by Jim McBride

Piece of Gum Stuck to the Bottom of a Shoe: Wear pink sweatpants and sweatshirt. Tie a gym shoe to the top of your head.
Submitted by Dftraylo

Pot Head: Find a cooking pot from the kitchen that will fit nicely on your head.
Submitted by Teach4bmor

Frankie and Annette: Wear a Frankenstein mask and carry a net (aquarium, butterfly or whatever). Or even simpler wear a nametag that says "Frankie" and carry the net.
Submitted by Theresa

Snackbar: Attach open bags of snacks to you (chips, pretzels, cheese puffs, etc.). Your friends will love it! They will be snacking on you all night long.
Submitted by Kim Casenhiser


Wind Blown Couple: Two people caught in a windstorm. Turn an umbrella inside out and paste paper and debris to your clothes. For added effect use a coat hanger inside an old tie and bend it so that it hangs horizontally across your chest (you can get a similar effect using Velcro).
Submitted by RPKOHUT

Caught on Lover's Lane: He wears shirt buttoned up the wrong way, pants unzipped, looking all disheveled, with lipstick kisses all over his face and neck (along with some on his shirt and one or two strategically placed close to the zipper of his pants). She wears a dress with the waist band all bunched up and twisted, lipstick smeared all over her mouth with the back of her hair all messed up, she could be missing a shoe and have holes in her panty hose. For added fun, have the man stick an empty condom package in his shirt pocket.
Submitted by Kilroy

NEW>> The Crocodile Hunter (Steve Irwin) and His Wife (Terri): Each wears khaki shorts and shirts, with hiking boots and socks. Take a white pillowcase or laundry bag and put rubber snakes inside the bag. "Terri" or "Steve" could have one snake around their neck and the other could carry a stuffed or rubber crocodile. Have fun, Mate!
Submitted by Pat Lyons

Tweedledee and Tweedledumb from Alice in Wonderland
Submitted by Lauren from Las Vegas, NV

Crash Test Dummies
Submitted by Kimberly Nigro

NEW>> A Roll In the Hay: Dress up like a farmer girl and boy. The girl can have braided pigtails, tight short-shorts, white t-shirt, etc. The boy can wear dungarees, old straw hat, etc. Take hay and stick it in your hair, make it so itís coming out of your pant pockets, and so little bits are stuck all over yourself, etc.
Submitted by Diana

Wilson & The Tool Girl (from Home Improvement): For the tool girl - 2 braids, shorts, hiking boots, tool belt. For Wilson - plaid shirt, painters cap, make a fence out of cardboard and carry it in front of your face or wear it on a string around your neck.
Submitted by Smaher0613

Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar from the movie "Wayne's World"

Clothesline Between Two Trees: Use brown material, draw on tree knots with a brown/black marker. Attach LOTS of leaves with hot-glue. Attach cardboard to baseball hats and glue on branches and leaves. Paint faces brown and green. String a clothesline in between, and hang on some "delicates."
Submitted by Tara, Nova Scotia

Caveman and Cavewoman
Submitted by April

 Software Pirate: Dress up like a pirate. Wear a belt made of floppy disks, and hang chains of CDs from your shoulders

Proctologist: Wear hospital greens and a stethoscope, smear chocolate pudding all over the front of yourself and let dry. Wear a nametag that says Dr. Ben Dover, Proctologist. For added grossness, wear gloves with pudding on them and lick them in plain view.

Chick Magnet: Attach Barbie dolls all over yourself.
NEW>> Web Server: Dress like a waitress/waiter, carry around a tray with food that has fake spider webs draped over it.
NEW>> Internet Surfer: Wear a wetsuit and flippers. Make a cape out of brightly colored fishing net, and attach signs like IBM, Macintosh, Apple, and so on. A snorkel and boogie board is optional!


Take some light corn syrup and add a lot of red food coloring until it looks about right. Then add blue food coloring a drop or two at a time to make the color closer to real blood (a little green might help too). If you mix in some peanut butter, the blood will be less likely to stain.



Take a pair of pantyhose and cut off both legs. Use a sewing machine or glue gun to make a seam all the way up the middle of each leg (don't make the seam very even). Cut off unneeded halves and turn the others inside out. Fill with cotton or cut up cotton cloth. Twist at random places and make a few stitches to make them look more realistic. Soak in fake blood and let them hang from torn shirt or zombie costume!